Group Members

Jonas Dehning
Henrik von der Emde
Conor Heins
Helge Heuer
Sepehr Mahmoudian
Joao Pinheiro Neto
Lucas Rudelt  (jointly supervised with Marion Silies)
Mohammadreza Soltanipour
Jens Wilting
Dr. Johannes Zierenberg

ExternAl Students

Matthias Loidolt (TU Dresden)
Madhura Ketkar (ENI Göttingen, jointly supervised with Marion Silies)
Bruno del Papa (FIAS Frankfurt, jointly supervised with Jochen Triesch)


Moritz Becker (U Göttingen)
Hauke Bluhm
Victor Brasch (now at EPFL Lausanne)
Moritz Layer (now at U Cambridge)
Leonhard Leppin (U Göttingen)
Mathias Sogorski

Open Positions

In case you are interested in joining the group, please send your application, including CV, transcripts of records, English certificate, letter of motivation and names of referees per e-mail to Viola Priesemann.