Getting to the MPI for Dynamics and Self-Organization (MPI-DS)

Address: Am Fassberg 17, 37077 Gottingen

By bus – from the train station or city center, take any of the bus lines 21/22/23 in direction of Fassberg or Nikolausberg. Exit at the stop Fassberg and turn into the street “Am Fassberg” to reach the Max Planck Campus (i.e. the only group of buildings you see in the vicinity of the bus station). The MPI-DS is a recent building on your right hand side, uphill. The bus ride takes about 20 minutes.

By taxi – take one of the taxis that is waiting in front of the train station. The trip will take about 15 minutes and cost about 15-20 Euros.


Office number 3.124

My office is located in the annex of the main building of the MPI-DS. The annex is uphill with respect to the main building.
You can reach it as follows:
– enter the main building, and go to the upmost floor.
– find the bridge that connects the main building with the annex, close to room 2.11.
– in the annex, go to the upmost floor (3rd floor).
– my office is at the end of one of the four corridors, in the direction away from the main building.