Open Positions

Open Positions in Our Group

Research focus of our group and open positions:
At any time, we welcome applications from smart and enthusiastic researchers at all levels (Bachelor’s and Master’s thesis, PhD, PostDoc). Our aim is to understand self-regulation (and the failure thereof) in social and neural networks.

To study learning in neural networks, we particularly focus on unsupervised, local learning rules in the framework of efficient encoding, predictive coding, and homeostatic self-regulation. We use approaches from information theory, and non-linear dynamics to derive a priori the theory of how networks should ideally learn in a self-organized manner. In collaboration with experimentalists, we then cross-check the theoretical predictions, using information theory and Bayes inference. The aim is to develop a theory of local learning in living neural networks.

To study the self-regulation of social networks and the spread of (mis)information, we curated a large social-media data set (Telegram), which allows novel insights into the spread of information and misinformation. Complementarily, we make use of the outbreak of COVID-19, which posed a major challenge to societies and individuals – but also provided research with an extremely rich behavioral and epidemiological data set to study collective human behavior. If you want to join our team, also as PostDoc or group leader, let us know. We can offer a relatively long research perspective, and a vibrant team with highly motivated Bachelor, Master and PhD students.

If these topics resonate with your interest, please do not hesitate to send us your application. We encourage applicants from all backgrounds and genders to contact us!

Please send your application, including CV, transcript of records, letter of motivation, and names of referees as a single pdf to

If your letter of motivation has 1-2 pages, summarizes your past research achievements, skills, and interests, and includes a short outline about “your research interest”, i.e., what kind of topic you’d want to pursue in our group (about 1/2 page), I will have a careful look at your application. The short outline does not need to be a final research proposal; it serves as basis for us to see the potential fit, and to discuss with you potential research projects in an interview.


Each year, the Göttingen Campus opens a number of PhD positions in the direction of experimental and computational neuroscience. Please consider applying before (about) January 15, each year:

PhD position on Computational Neuroscience of “Curiosity”
Applications are welcome until 15.01.2024, or until the position is filled. In total, we have 12 open PhD positions, and two open postdoc positions: (see C3).

PostDoc or PhD position (m/f/x) on Synaptic Dynamics
How does the molecular dynamics of the synaptic vesicle cycle contribute to plasticity and signal transfer at a synapse? The vesicle cycle acts as a filter, and thereby strongly contributes to the information transfer at each synapse. With more than 20 colleagues, we are investigating at the Göttingen Campus the inner working of synapses []. With our specific project, we investigate how the multiple timescales within the vesicle cycle contribute to efficient pre-synaptic signal transduction.
Deadline: open

[1] Jaehne et al., Cell Reports, 2021
[2] Rudelt et al., arxiv, 2023
[3] Wibral et al., Frontiers in Rob. and AI, 2015