Talks and Travel


Update: COVID obviously changed the travel plans. – However, we have been enjoying a number of very interesting and interactive online meetings instead. Hope to see you in that virtual world!

I am publishing my travel plans online here, so that we can meet in person in case I am around anyway! The main aim is to reduce the number of travel kilometers (and CO2 expenses), while keeping the number of contacts up!

As you can see, I regularly try to combine travel to various destinations in a region. Thereby, I travel less kilometers, but make the same numbers of visits. After all, this combined travel saves not only CO2, but also time and money.

Wherever I travel, I try to go by train. Here is a small excerpt with ideas that make traveling by train a pleasure [1]. This helps the commitment to fly less [2]. In brief, the principles are: 1. travel less, stay longer, and 2. when going by train, plan in sufficient time when changing trains, maybe even sufficient for a decent lunch in Paris, Basel or London? This makes travel easy.


March 18/19Heidelberg, D
March 25-27Bonn, D
April 1-3Frankfurt, D
May 12-15Toronto, CA
May 17-19London & Cambridge, UK
May 19-22York, UK
June 2-3Frankfurt, D
June 17-18Berlin, D
June 21-22Basel, CH
June 23-24Stuttgart, D
June 25-27Tübingen, D
June 29-30Mainz, D
July 11-16FENS Glasgow, UK
August 24-28Nice, Dynamics Days, FR
Sept 17-19Frankfurt, D
Sept 29-30BCCN Berlin, D
Sept 30-Oct 2Leipzig, D
Oct 12-14Frankfurt, D
Oct 27-29Berlin, D
Feb 17-19Berlin, D
2020 - 2022COVID break